6 Simple Steps to Turn Your Trash into Cash with Photos that Sell!

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Camera Creations | Photography in Isolation Series | by Monique Perera | May 2020

CC eNews is back!  Welcome to Camera Creationsblog series of photography tips at home.

Whether you’re self-isolating or WFH - let’s face it we are all looking at things a little differently at the moment. So why not take a break and focus on some fun as there’s never been a better time to learn something new!

And who doesn’t love a great photo, right?

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” - our next topic in our Photography in Isolation Series is;

6 Simple Steps to Turn Your Trash into Cash with Photos that Sell. If you have an actual camera, now’s your chance to use it. Even if you don’t - many of these tips can be applied to your phone camera as well.


6 Steps to Turn Your Trash into Cash with Photos that Sell!

Like me, are you cleaning out the cupboards and finding things around the home you don't really need?

Why not turn your unused goods into some dollars? Here are some simple tips to sell your unwanted items online, using great images for maximum profit.


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1. Make a Great Impression 

Appearances Matter. You will want your items to look their best for maximum dollars! So make sure your products are as clean and tidy as possible. Ensure clothes are ironed, do up belts, buttons, shoelaces, straighten the collar, and so on...good presentation is key to reap the rewards! 

For clothing, a mannequin or a generous friend who can model for you always works best. Yet mannequins can be hard to source, so for smaller items lay them neatly on a flat surface (flat lay) or hang clothing from a hanger on a plain background. Backdrop Hack: You can use an ironed sheet or a neutral table surface for a clean background to lay them on.


2. Be Size Wise

Set your resolution on your phone or camera to around 1MB in Jpeg format. This way your images will look great on a screen large or small. And always aim to fill your frame when taking images for online sales. Also on the topic of size, show the scale of your item if necessary - by placing a ruler or familiar sized object (such as a dollar coin or matchbox) next to it.


3. LIGHTS, Camera, Action!

Follow the pros - always try to use the available light if possible. Shoot outside in the morning or afternoon sun (avoiding the middle of the day) or set up a spot opposite a large window or balcony door.  

Natural light helps to avoid unwanted reflections, discolouration and harsh shadows caused by flash or dim lighting. It’s very important that the colour in your photos accurately represents the items you are selling and this is often easier to achieve when using natural light. 

If it's not possible for you to take pictures during the day, use a lamp or two with white globes, (not tungsten) and shine them directly onto the item.

4. Avoid the Background 'Noise'

Just like portraiture, a white or plain background will always help your subject matter to ‘pop’. 

For larger items such as clothing or furniture, a light coloured plain wall is perfect. 

For smaller products, place them in front of white cardboard or craft paper (curved behind like the image below) to form a ‘seamless’ background. 


5. Wrangle Some Angles

Photograph from various angles, and include multiple photos on your listing. This gives buyers a thorough look at the item, and increases their interest.

Products look great at a ¾ angle. This should be your hero or main photo which will show up first in search results. It’s also best practice to shoot the item from multiple angles to ensure full transparency and dimension for the potential buyers. Remember to include some detailed close-up shots too.




6. True That!
It’s super important to be transparent when selling online (especially when it comes to used goods), so make sure to highlight any stains or wear and tear in both your photos and description.

Keep your pictures clear and simple, the aim of the images is to record your item accurately and this is not the time to be overly creative...


A Picture is 'Worth' a Thousand Words
They say 'a picture is worth a thousand words' so now that you have captured fab photos of your items, they should do the selling for you! But to make sure you target the right people to make those purchases, you need to include clear, easy to find keywords and descriptions so your items get found faster and go to a great home. 

Think, what would you look for, and how would you search, if you were looking for that item?

We’re not experts on e-commerce platforms however a great place where beginners can start to sell locally that are free to list include; Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. More advanced platforms include Ebay, Shopify, and Etsy.

Happy snapping and good luck! 

Want Some More Tips About Selling Online?
Visit this link to find out the top Australian marketplaces to sell on; https://blog.linnworks.com/selling-in-australia


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